8 Ideas To Help You Sell Services To Local Businesses Like A Pro

8 Ideas To Help You Sell Services To Local Businesses Like A Pro

Locally based marketing is something we as customers encounter each and every day of our daily lives. For example, when you use various search engines and search for a specific service or product especially a search engine like google, it will try to filter your search results to the providers around you. Even when you do not realize it.

Local marketing which is also known as local-based marketing or neighborhood marketing can be defined as the process of optimizing your website and your online advertising activities in order to drive traffic and awareness in localized regions. This can also be done offline when doing in-person advertising.8 Ideas To Help You Sell Services To Local Businesses Like A Pro

This kind of marketing specifically targets customers when having a physical store in a community environment. Some of the things that have made this kind of marketing to take off include

1. Google algorithm which uses searcher location to serve up relevant local businesses.

What this means is that you as a local service provider has the upper advantage in terms of opportunity compared to the non-local competitors.

This process gives you the tools, tactics, and strategies to convert the local traffic into sales, whether you’re doing it online or offline.

Those who can benefit from local marketing include brands of all sizes. This is because, in order for you to sell more services to local businesses like a pro, you will need to add a personal touch and taking the more targeted approach with your audience.

Search engines and brand consumers are greatly favoring hyper-localized marketing, this is the time to make your brand work

Here are 8 ideas to help you sell services to local businesses like a pro.

1.optimize your site with the relevant keywords

There are various ways you can handle this challenge

The first one is using keyword data, for larger and similar regions. This is ideal for small businesses that are trying to target larger metropolitan areas the suburbs.

Secondly, you can let the google autosuggestion help. You can use various Google tools to generate long tail keywords for your site. Remember having long tail keywords is the solution.

Thirdly you can use related SERP suggestions. It helps to put your service in a lighter attractive manner.

2. Manipulate your values.

The difference between large corporations and small businesses is mainly on perception mostly on the pricing and the stability Changing your values to improve your brand trust is important.

First look at your branding and make necessary changes that not spell you out as a trustworthy brand.

3.look for local testimonials.

If you have worked before with the locals, getting a positive review goes a long way in selling your local services, it shows you give professional services and can boost your sales in the long run.

4. Having social engagement with the locals on social media

With the current progress in technology, it is very easy to connect with people of the same locality on various social media platforms. This is not a place to push and hard sell it is a place to create a connection and build relationships that can later be converted to sales.

5. sponsor local events.

Marketing is all about staying in contact with your audience. Find out the local opportunities and occasions that are there, sponsor them to let people know you exist.

6. localize your ads

Let your online marketing ads be area specific so that your target audience can relate.

7.target local publications.

Get to have relevant domain links to your website to set you as reputable

8. Network everyday

In as much as you do online marketing, setting time to get to know with the locals daily goes a long way to creating friendships and business relations that overall boost your sales.

In conclusion.

When it comes to the general public at a national level, it’s easy to get lost in flashy and powerful marketing campaigns that focus on “me, me, me”. But, as you can see, it’s not what your audience wants.

If you want to differentiate yourself from the competition, improve conversions on your site and develop a more attractive person for your brand, you should take advantage of what makes local marketing so effective.


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30 Inspirational ECommerce Website Designs

Commerce Site Should Have

Enter your details and the team will help you organise the best service for your business. Some website builders, such as Squarespace and Weebly has good features, but are not as advanced as the likes of Shopify or Bigcommerce. In an industry where customer is top priority, connected data helps us understand their travel behaviour in a much better way and helps us in offering them customized packages. If you’re starting out small (hundreds of products, low thousands of visitors), a shared linux hosting account (like the one I mentioned in the setup guide ) is good, but it needs to have more than 64M of memory…preferably 256M. This is a major advantage you have going the ecommerce route over the dropshipping or the Amazon FBA route.

This includes having rich snippets (the text that comes under the website when you search in Google) and optimisation for speed and responsiveness (both aspects that Google takes into account when deciding whether or not to surface your page). But as I mentioned right at the start – sorting out the basics and applying some best practices, will give you an immediate advantage over the majority of your Ecommerce competitors. Commission: The owner of an ecommerce store can fix a certain percentage of commission to earn through an ecommerce store. With beauty comes a catch : responsive design is still young in its development and has been criticized for significantly slowing down page load times. Traditionally, you would have to go through a long procedure of setting up a site that can be authenticated to receive credit card payments; the other option is to use a third-party gateway like PayPal.

Because an ecommerce business can be started from home, this means that a portion of your emi payments, computers, even furniture and utility bills can be deducted from your tax liability. If you are going to launch a more sophisticated ecommerce project with numerous independent online vendors, managing their sales through a common marketplace, then CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is an obvious choice. You can check out our online store builder comparison chart and it will show you which one allows you to sell digital products.

The Absolunete report predicts the rise of in-store digital,” where consumers make online purchases while inside the physical store. Per conventions, place it in the top-right of your website and make sure it is consistent across the entire website. Find out how The Guitar Hut used the 123 Reg Online Shop to venture into the world of ecommerce and unlock the secrets of successful online trading.

Support the development of key metrics for tracking the performance of the eCommerce solution. Ecommerce website runs on online payments and thus the requirement for payment gateway solutions. This theme comes with a one-click install functionality that helps you conveniently build your eCommerce website with just one click. From retaining search engine rankings to developing custom functionality that makes running your business easier, we can walk you through the options and develop a plan of attack to make the website a success. It’s simple, clean, easy to use whilst giving the visitor access to all areas of the site. It simulates human vision during the first five seconds of exposure to your site visuals, and predicts what a real human would be most likely to look at. Price: $25/10 images. Ensure that the products you are selling on your website must have high quality standards and be the same as you described on your website.

Contact them and ask them if they are willing to write a review about the products on your own website. Smart financial advice should be part of your business plan from the very beginning. Answer those questions and you’ve established a huge aspect of eCommerce website costs. Gopal Pillai, GM and Director Seller Services, Amazon India made the statement speaking to reporters on Monday.

ECommerce Trends

Ecommerce China News

Setting up an e-commerce shop these days takes no more than a few hours-max. Learn how to Choose and Customize Online Store Themes You can also learn How the Best eCommerce Stores leverage trust signals and social sharing buttons. Speaking of making more money, ecommerce is a perfect business to create an affiliate program. One free com, net, org, co, in, or with purchase of a new 12-, 24- or 36-month plan. Adjusted for seasonal variations, holiday and trading-day differences, the Commerce Department estimates Q4 web sales reached $89.08 billion, up 14.7% from $77.66 billion a year earlier. The selling point is that items on the site are five to six percent less than they are on Amazon.

The Apttus Intelligent Cloud is powered by the world’s most trusted cloud platforms including Salesforce and Microsoft Azure and can be accessed within the world’s most popular CRM solutions including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It also does not offer an Amazon Prime-like free shipping service; you pay $5.99 for all orders under $35, after which your order ships free.

In addition to a powerful storefront, Weebly gives you the freedom to showcase and sell products or accept donations from any page on your site such as a blog or your homepage with our standalone eCommerce element. This free domain offer applies only to the contract term of the initial purchase. Partnering with companies like Shopify or BigCommerce could get Amazon Payments in front of more retailers, driving better adoption. Unified commerce is the next logical step in the omni-channel strategy (see last year’s eCommerce trends ): the centralization of IT infrastructures. You can either display your products on Amazon or you can set up a Shopify store.

Free hosting is also available, but it is not suitable for an online store as it does not guarantee any stability or security. MultiChannel Merchant wrote recently , when asked to cite the top features or functions they would most like from suppliers in the selling process, most business buyers chose enhanced search functionality on their website (60%). The integrated test system allows you to view your eCommerce website before making it public online. Chinese authorities recently announced the formalization of import and value-added taxes on cross-border commerce.

It was important that the site was easy to use, full of bright photos and inspirational ideas. Give your business the attention it deserves with promotional tools that attract visitors and keep them coming back. I’m currently designing and doing market research into a T-shirt business (I study Fashion design). But it’s easily a full-time job just to follow the news…and an even bigger job to try to make sense of it. Even the most secured website from the largest corporation sometimes gets hacked. There are plenty of sites that offer free or reasonably-priced themes — you might just have to look around a little bit to find them. This growth was the result of SEO work undertaken on the site between September and December 2015.

But you also tell them Look, I put Callaway products on the front page of my site, I sell a lot of Callaway products, I recommend them.” And that way, they’re more likely to add your eCommerce store to their list. A common analogy used to understand the difference between self-hosted and hosted ecommerce solutions is the difference between buying and renting a house. Each of these offer configurable calculation tools that your website can integrate with in order to automatically calculate shipping cost and time estimates for your customers when they are checking out.

Best Ecommerce Software


With more consumers shopping online than ever before, businesses that want to boost their bottom lines must get in on the action. I have designed hundreds of sites, but I have never built an eCommerce website. The theme includes Visual Composer for a drag-and-drop layout builder and Revolution Slider, a great slider plugin for WordPress. Each week, we give you a roundup of the most thought-provoking industry news that are shaping Ecommerce in 2016. Provides the essential tools that businesses need to build and manage their online presence. Accelerate site performance by serving cacheable content and only sending requests for uncacheable” content — such as the shopping cart — back to origin. Ecommerce – Electronic commerce, more commonly known as ‘ecommerce’, is the exchange of products or services using an online network or platform such as the Internet. One of the nice things about ecommerce for someone looking to flip a business is that there are so many parts of the business that can be improved.

Product reviews are much like testimonials- letting your customers do your marketing for you Obviously, reviews are a double-edged sword. Our in-house team has moved more than 20,000 stores to BigCommerce from other ecommerce platforms, including Magento, Shopify, Volusion, Amazon Webstores, eBay and custom solutions. You can also add an affiliate app to your Shopify app which is free up to 15 people.

Bill: Yeah, I think talk to anybody who used to sell any of the products now covered under the Amazon Basics program. I think that’s one of the drawbacks of using hosted solutions, meaning that the platform (such as Shopify, Weebly) manage all the hosting / server requirements for you. Instead, we are going to give some tips that will lay a strong foundation for your eCommerce business.

You probably don’t need to use advanced ecommerce builders such as Shopify or Bigcommerce for this (but they both can sell digital products, if you like using them). The ballpark prices here are based on more than a decade of commercial eCommerce website development experience I have developed and successfully helped clients launch eCommerce websites as simple as 1 product and as complex as 25,000 products.

This is a smart move when you consider that online fraud cost ecommerce retailers an estimated $3.5 billion in 2012, according to CyberSource, which provides payment and risk management solutions and is part of the Visa family of companies. Trends: If your products are experiencing (or worse, have experienced) a spike in popularity, this is an indicator that there is an expiration date on the business.

But the tool has quickly become the social media darling of the marketing world, leading advertisers to rethink their decision to overlook the platform – in large part because of its rapid growth. Guidant will show you how to use your retirement Funds to finance your dream of business ownership, with no tax penalties. We also offer marketing and SEO services to increase traffic to your website in addition to providing mobile commerce features to reach your customers while you’re on the go. If you want to make a lot of sales, look at the products that have high growth on Amazon. As for count down timer, there are a lot of widgets for that available – just search for it in Google and you should be able to find a few. It’s worth mentioning that their website builder and blog are also pretty decent. The links below will take you to our eCommerce front-end demo and Administration overview.

That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you and searched out the best ecommerce blogs out there for you to add to your bookmarks. However, somewhere between an idea in your head and actually starting an online business, there needs to be intense brainstorming and planning which will ultimately determine your success or failure in the business. I don’t think you can do this with Squarespace or with any of the website builders that we’ve tested and reviewed. See how at the very top of the Zappos homepage, it says Order before 1pm PST for FREE Next Business Day shipping on all Clothing”.

You can find lots of free themes available as well, but there are many pitfalls to using them: limited support (if any), lots of bugs and generally poor code that may harm your SEO and provide loops to hackers. The report will show us the websites which have the largest overlap in keyword rankings with our site.


Business Means Business

Having a clear-cut IT strategy is key establishing a competitive advantage over any competition. I highly recommend you check out my other free guide that teaches you how to make passive income from Amazon with Niche Sites. As you assemble your business plan and answer the above questions, you will see opportunities to fine-tune your concept, avoid problems that could become disasters and ultimately increase your odds of success. And even though I got real time notifications, I could not respond to the Craigslist ads fast enough and eventually, I could no longer find enough inventory to make significant money on Ebay. Electronic commerce has also led to the development of electronic marketplaces where suppliers and potential customers are brought together to conduct mutually beneficial trade.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), the introduction of electronic commerce in federal contracting is moving ahead, and small business owners must adopt this new business strategy to remain fully competitive. Microsoft Small Business – A similar all-in-one platform to Yahoo’s, although a bit more expensive. Not only does it support active, scheduled, and unsold products, but eBay ecommerce software also handles product variations, images, and categories. We host our meetups in downtown Toronto, in spaces where online retailers will feel most at homes to discuss topics under the umbrella of eCommerce and retail.

If your current website looks great, is user friendly, and is easy for Google to crawl, there wouldn’t be much of a benefit converting into a WordPress based website. Internal integration, on the other hand, is the networking of the various departments within a corporation, and of business operations and processes. Taking your eCommerce business to the next level requires working with a company that has a proven track record. This is another estore that has built a strong community around their products with their blog that includes posts on love, value, and being free to be you. Design matters; and good website design signals that there’s a solid company behind the screen. Keyword cannibalization occurs when multiple pages of the same website are trying to rank for the same keyword. Suggest me the best wayWhether i should hire a programmer and design a site or can i use this eCommerce sites mentioned above for my business.

This signals a clear growth opportunity for online shops seeking a new competitive advantage in the e-commerce industry. This usually pairs with a free content management system like WordPress, so the costs are sometimes lower, and you get more control in terms of customization. I would like to launch an ecommerce site this month and it would be a dream come true to get revenues like the ones you mentioned. This technology ensures that your eCommerce store is optimally displayed on every smartphone and tablet, including any changes you might make over time. My first store didn’t get a sale for a few months, the original idea needed to be changed, there was all kind of things we needed to do differently. Many online business owners prefer these integrated packages because they know the elements work together — and they don’t have to shop for each one. This allows customers to place orders instantly without leaving your online store.

Whenever I meet a new client, I always try to understand the history of their business and how they came about. For many people in the ecommerce space, the best way to source products is by using a site called Alibaba. IBISWorld’s E-Commerce & Online Auctions market research report provides the latest industry statistics and industry trends, allowing you to identify the products and customers driving revenue growth and profitability. Congrats for your achievement and thanks for the great advice for how to increase a business. These webinars will inform you of the current eCommerce laws and any developments in the field. This can be one of the reasons to open a business online, but it should not be the sole reason.

If Etsy is the first thing that comes to mind, you’re not alone—Etsy is the biggest and most popular site available for individual craftspeople, and it can be a fast route to exposure. The one person I would not outsource to an agency from day one is the person responsible for the commercial success of your eCommerce website. In 2011, the World Bank assessed the growth of the middle class in Indonesia which was considered a quickly rising class. And External Products allow you to list and sell products off your site with your retail partners.