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The 6 Best Ecommerce Platforms For Small Businesses

Oracle recently held a call for analysts to discuss its results for the last quarter, and there were multiple bright spots. While there are many factors that go into creating conversions, one thing is certain: Great ecommerce websites successfully connect a user to a product with a system that is efficient, easy and fun. If your design doesn’t allow you to display the photo at such a large size, make sure you give shoppers the option to view the photo in a modal window. While there are solid alternatives like JigoShop out there, if you’re going to go WordPress for your online store – I recommend using WooCommerce for its strong developer base, app store and compatibility with a range of plugins & themes. Create a hub for all your social media accounts or select a Online Store layout that spotlights just one. Besides, PrestaShop recently began to offer free hosting for stores based on the engine, making it incredibly easy to start a site. Great to see that your business is doing well, you’ve obviously done a lot of things right and put a ton of hard work into it.

The main benefit of using self-hosted open source software is that you can configure it to function the way you want it to, meaning your store can be heavily customized. From the giant ecommerce sites such as Amazon and eBay , to smaller, niche online storefront builder/platforms such as Spaces , there is a site for all types of budding ecommerce business. In its 2016 Global Payment Report, Worldpay said rising wages, the world’s fastest growing smartphone market and the largest youth population in the world will combine to drive Indian e-commerce to new heights. The editor was restricted to the built-in options, and without a lot of HTML coding experience, I couldn’t customize the site behind-the-scenes to represent what I envisioned on the frontend. Amazon is great when you know what you want to buy, but it’s confusing and overwhelming when you’re looking to discover new products.

Rich snippets are HTML coded bits that tell search engines what searchers should be able to understand about your website before even clicking through to see it. Other features include unlimited color options, integration with Google Fonts, unlimited header types, product pages which include product variations, custom design blocks, and over 300 customization options in the admin panel. While starting an online venture can potentially be a rewarding business option, it involves more than just setting up a website and getting started on sales. The key to getting more discoverable on search engines lies in promoting your products to more channels, and also creating good content / discussions on your blog so people can find your discussions online! Additionally I’d suggest using the Amazon Keyword Tool , which uses Amazon’s Autocomplete service to find popular long tail keywords, where they are awarded a score from 1-10.

Provide a new and interesting human experience that they could not have unless they go online to your website. Always written last, the Executive Summary presents the essence of the B2B e-commerce business case, in a condensed format. Also important to us is templates etc and ability to use the website to market our range in the best possible way. The account only option is useful if you want to set up a private or wholesale ecommerce site. We discussed the extensive set of features offered by ecommerce software, such as design tools, hosting , and SEO. The automation was designed for books but did not work for new types of goods, such as shoes, as Amazon expanded its selection. It’s those brands that engage with customers socially that create customers for life. Navigation and search are two aspects of what Moz calls the Holy Grail of E-commerce Optimization , and Amazon does this well.

So as I am a website virgin I need somewhere that offers me site security, 24/7 live chat help (as I can work well into the evenings), easy to follow set up instructions and alike. Another sales channel called Amazon Advantage is a place where people can sell new books, music and movies directly from the Amazon warehouse instead of from their home or store. OsCommerce is also a popular option for ecommerce sites, with a huge community of developers and other users who offer free help and support for the platform.

Add your Title which in this case we’ll be using Corner Sofa Beds” as our test category to use and optimize it. It also gives you an awesome look into what kind of sites you can build with this guide (and I know, it is a BOSS design!). Now, I’m quite sure that you have a better idea when it comes to building your own ecommerce store now. That’s more than three times what’s expected for 2016: BI Intelligence predicts mobile commerce will hit 20.6 percent of overall e-commerce, or $79 billion. Published by Dimira Teneva 11 months ago in Ecommerce News , Ecommerce Trends 6 mins to read. To do well with your eCommerce website you’ll need to have very good product titles, descriptions, pricing, and other pertinent product specific content ready to add to the eCommerce website. In addition, you should be angling for your ecommerce business to form a true brand.

All of these different facets make selling an e-commerce business more complicated, and it also means that there are no standard industry multiples for e-commerce businesses. To receive a price estimate, please complete our website design estimate form and we’ll get back to you with pricing, project details, ideas and more. The Weebly eCommerce platform brings the ease of drag and drop website creation to product merchandising.

The website, which can be created with the help of either Web hosting services or e-commerce software, must feature the products the business wants to sell, and must offer a way to sell those items directly to consumers. This is where picking a good ecommerce software with a strong platform will help save your sanity!

We have developed recently two ecommerce website and we will use your way to promote both site’s on internet. ECommerce has been forever disrupted as consumers’ need for instant gratification becomes even more immediate. As we’re running WooCommerce , it’s the same as designing a WordPress site with a few extra options to fill out to make sure the theme is setup correctly in conjunction with WordPress. The minimal design does include some colored text and buttons, but not much else, so the photos stand out very well. The bold fonts, colors, and layout along with unique icons adds lots of energy to this ecommerce site. They have helped me make tweaks to the site so that it is now EXACTLY how I envisioned it to be.

If you don’t have one, you can set up an account on the eBay website that corresponds with your country of residence for free. I felt the site offered an overall service much more tailored to someone looking to buy a watch than Amazon does. Their t-shirt inventory is extensive but organized very well with categories and sub-categories, along with a highly functional search feature. Despite the advances in technology that make it easy to start an ecommerce business, 90% of new businesses bite the dust shortly after launching.

This question might sound obvious, but actually getting products loaded into an ecommerce platform can be a significant challenge. If you are conducting business over the Internet, it’s not unlikely that you’ll use the Internet for most, if not all, of your communications with employees.

The goal of this part of the guide is to show you the simplest method of building a functional e-commerce store on WordPress, so that you can get your store online as soon as possible. Search enhancement tools like autocomplete are a great addition to an eCommerce site because it helps direct the customer to their desired product much faster. And other self-hosted ecommerce solutions (like Magento) are nowhere near as user-friendly. KartRocket’s DIY eCommerce solution enables you to easily create an online store, design & customize it in less than 10 min. Amazon is a huge juggernaut in the ecommerce space and more and more people are selling there because they have such a huge audience. Today’s consumer has time management and convenience on their mind when it comes to purchasing those sweet luxury or necessity items that you’re marketing to them.

It comes with a fully responsive layout design and implemented with retina ready icons and elements to ensure that your website will look stunning on HiDPi displays. If you’re using Shopify, you can use their own payment gateway, in which case you will have a lower transaction fee (between 0.5% and 2% depending of your plan). Business to Business or B2B refers to electronic commerce between businesses rather than between a business and a consumer. You may make it more complex by expanding the formula or you may simplify it. Creating a B2B E-Commerce Business Case is vitally important. After the cart review is the perfect moment to prompt the user to log in (if not already logged in) for a quicker checkout experience by using saved information. We saw augmented reality hit the mainstream in 2016 and 2017 will be no different.

I have uncovered more information than two weeks scouring the web for information on ecommerce site building. FocusMX will use proven ecommerce website design techniques to decrease the chances of customers abandoning their purchases before check-out. I created pre-made WordPress websites that come with everything you need to launch your very own Amazon Niche Site. Our eCommerce content management system is customized for each client giving you the control you need to run your website efficiently.

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